Formally trained paralegals have excellent employment and income potential. Corporations are expanding their in-house legal departments to cut costs. Prepaid legal plans are on the rise. And litigation is increasing.

As a result, paralegals are performing a broader range of legal work. Demand for paralegals is on the rise in law offices, real estate and insurance firms, banks and more.

And the best thing about becoming a Paralegal is..

  • They are always in demand
  • It is very easy to get enrolled and started
  • Becoming a Paralegal is a great way to bring in additional income!

*Qualifications apply for tuition assistance!

Lakewood College Catalog and Website

Military Spouses take advantage of this training program at

NO COST--while it lasts*

*-spouse must rank:
E1-E2-E3-E4-E5-W1-W2-O1 or O2

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